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Natural Breast Enlargement

How to Natural Breast Enlargement by
2.11 to 3.54 Inches in 8 Weeks or Less

-- without surgery, drugs, creams, diets, massage or exercise gadgets
by Courtland Ashton

Natural Breast Enhancementan Francisco, CA -- A remarkable method of natural breast enlargement has been discovered -- one that promises not only to enlarge your breasts ... but also increase fullness and firmness ... reduce your waistline ... and help control your weight.

Before and After Imagery Programming     This discovery has been used in countless medical applications, but the scientific community has just begun to recognize its effectiveness in natural breast enhancement.. 
Breast Enlargement

     Independent studies have been conducted employing this simple method that was designed to be used by women in the privacy of their own homes, in just several minutes a day, while relaxing.  The results of the studies revealed some incredible results.

Amazing Case Studies

In one independent study, the natural breast enlargement program produced these results:

* 100% of the women who participated in the study achieved significant increases in total breast size. The breast size increases ranged from 1.0 to 3.54 inches, with an average increase of 2.11 inches!  In all cases, the actual size of the breasts increased -- not just the size of the chest muscles.

* 100% of the women who participated in the study reported increased fullness and firmness of the breasts.

* The resulting shape and size of the breasts looked and felt more natural than surgical breast implants and had more proportional dimensions.

* Over 40% of the women were delighted to report spontaneous weight loss (in those who had excess weight).  A significant number also reported that in addition to natural breast enlargement program , they also reduced their waistlines measurably ... whether or not they lost any weight.

     The most significant results were reported within 8 weeks of practicing the method -- and those that chose to proceed further continued to see additional size increases through the 16th week.  Here are the results of some of the women who participated in the study, along with the comments they wrote as part of their case files at the end of their study participation:

Real People, Real Results

Bride-to-Be Achieves a 34C Cup Size in Time for Her Wedding
Naturally Breast EnlargementA study participant from Laredo, Texas, wrote, "I never thought something like this would work.  I'm getting married in May and I wanted to look the best I could.  And with this program, I do!  It makes your breasts full and sturdy.  Your waist automatically feels smaller every time you listen to the recording.  It's also great for just relaxing and relieving stress.  My bust was not in proportion with the rest of my body.  Now ... I weigh 109 lbs and I measure 34C-24-34 -- perfect proportions for my small frame."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

3-Inch Bust Increase, 2-Inch Waist Reduction
A study participant from Baltimore, Maryland, wrote, "The program really added 3 whole inches to my bust.  I was fascinated with the results and still am."  (This woman's bust increase was 3" and decrease in waistline was 2".)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

26-Year-Old Woman from Ohio Gained 2 Inches and 2 Cup Sizes
A study participant from Miamisburg, Ohio, wrote, "At 26, I had given up hope for a growth spurt.  At the end of a 5-week period, I went from a 32A to 34C.  My breast bone is no longer visible."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bust Size Grows from 34A to 36C
A study participant from Salt Lake City, Utah, wrote, "I began noticing a difference within weeks after I started that program and now the difference is clearly seen.  I went from 34A to 36C."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Natural breast enhancement by 2.5 Inches
study participant from Arlington, Texas, wrote, "Although I was only able to play the recording once, I already had some knowledge of meditating and visioning, so I was able to do the programming on my own once I grasped the idea.  I do not have trouble with my weight, so my waist measurements and weight are the same.  However, each breast has enlarged at least 2˝" and I am absolutely delighted.  Also, the meditation is very therapeutic and it is so very relaxing and refreshing.  I plan to go as far as I can with this program.  Thank you!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4.5-Inch natural breast enhancement, 3-Inch Waist Decrease
Kathryn Thompson of Salt Lake City, Utah, wrote:  "... I had used several methods before and nothing had worked.  I have had 3 children, and I am so very pleased with the results I have had.  (4˝" bust increase, 3" waist decrease, 5 pound weight loss.)  I will recommend it to anyone who asks about it."

(All comments/testimonials featured above are in our files.  However, names have been excluded for the purpose of this website to protect the privacy of the study participants.)

The Top 7 Reasons Why Most Women Want Fuller Breasts -- Which Ones are Yours?

Every woman has a unique brand of beauty and sexiness all her own -- a signature that belongs only to her.  But there isn't a woman who wouldn't look more attractive -- and feel more empowered ... by having a fuller bustline. 

Natural Breast EnlargementWhile your true beauty as a woman exudes from within -- without a doubt, being "well-endowed" can unlock the real firepower that makes you feel irresistibly powerful.  Your enhanced self-image could even change the course of your life forever. 

This may be why it's a universal desire among women to want larger breasts. 

Our survey says these are the top 7 reasons why women want bigger breasts.  Which ones are yours?   [Check all that apply.]

You want to be desirable to men -- or be as attractive and sexy as possible to the man in your life

You want to boost your self-esteem and confidence -- or gain a competitive edge over other women

You've always been small- or flat-chested all your life -- and you want a more voluptuous, womanly and feminine bustline

You just want to feel good about your appearance -- and fill out your clothes better without having to use padded bras and falsies.

Your breasts have become "deflated" after giving birth or nursing -- and you want to get the fullness and firmness back.

Your breasts have begun to sag, and you want them to be firm and uplifted again.

You want to look like a celebrity -- or be the envy of other women.

     Whatever your reason for wanting larger breasts, there's never been a better time to achieve what you want -- without resorting to breast augmentation surgery, drugs, creams, diets, massage or exercise gadgets.

     This method of natural breast enlargement program has been used successfully by thousands of women around the world (including England, Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia) and in all 50 states.  This technique really works -- if you do it correctly and faithfully.

Breast Enlargement Program

The Easiest Way to Natural Breast Enlargement -- Without Any Adverse Side Effects

TBreast Enlargementhe Imagery Programming Method of Breast Enlargement is a safe, natural, easy program that you can use in the privacy of your own home.  All it requires is for you to listen to CD audio recording for just a few minutes a day ... while sitting or lying in a comfortable position.

Or upon request, we will send you an mp3 audio recording, if you wish -- at no extra charge -- so you'll have the option of listening to the imagery programming recording using your iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone, iPod or other mp3 player.

     Nothing could be easier -- or more enjoyable!

     Question:  Does this have anything to do with hypnosis?    

     Although hypnosis has been known to help breast growth, its effects are marginal compared to those of the powerful mind-body technology called imagery programming.  With hypnosis, you're put into an artificially induced trance state, characterized by heightened susceptibility to suggestion.  But unfortunately, no matter how many times you hear a hypnotic suggestion such as ... "Your breasts are getting larger" ... it's not sufficient enough to produce a significant increase in your breast size.

Precisely Engineered Thought Patterns     The Imagery Programming Method of natural breast enhancement, on the other hand, employs the mind-body connection, and uses precisely engineered thought patterns to cause blood flow to the breasts.  And this is what spurs breast growth dramatically.

     What most people don't realize is that thoughts cause biological and physiological effects in the body.  It's scientifically proven that thoughts can cause the heart to beat faster or slower.  They can lower blood pressure ... or produce a tranquilizing biochemical similar to Valium.  They have even been shown to strengthen the immune system and produce the powerful chemicals interleukin and interferon, which fight cancer.

     The fact is ... the right kinds of thoughts produce health-enhancing biochemicals superior to any drug that a pharmaceutical company could ever manufacture!

     The fundamental principle behind the incredible effects of imagery programming is that the body responds to specific thought patterns just as if those thoughts were physically real.  The thoughts create bodily changes.  For example, if you imagine yourself lying on a beach on a sunny day, you become relaxed, your peripheral blood vessels dilate, and your hands become warm, as though you're actually under the sun.

     Likewise, the imagery programming method uses thoughts that direct blood flow to the breasts, and this is what helps encourage significant breast growth.  And the best part is that you can do this by just sitting or lying in a comfortable position, listening to an audio recording, and following along effortlessly.

     Are there any side effects?  There are no known adverse side effect or undesirable results.

Reduced Waistline     If you consider a reduced waistline and spontaneous weight loss (in those with excess weight) as side effects ... then YES, you could say that the method has some delightful side effects.  Women who participated in the independent study also reported the following ...

*  Increased self-esteem,
*  A sense of well-being,
*  More restful sleep

... and a sense of joy and fulfillment in other areas of their lives.

     Here are more results of women who participated in the independent study, along with the comments they wrote as part of their case files at the end of their study participation:

My Fiancé Gives Me More Attention Now -- I Went from 32" to 40"!
This study participant from Philadelphia wrote, "The program really did the job on my breasts.  It seemed to have gotten to work the very first time I tried it.  My relaxation was terrific.  I did not move a single muscle at all.  I went from a 32" size breast to a 40" size, and now I'm satisfied. My fiancé gives me more attention now."

"My Wife Gained 3" Bust Size and Lost 2" from Her Waist"
TBuxom Brunette in Black Lingeriehe husband of a study participant from Sacramento, California, wrote:  "My wife received a copy of your program recently.  She has tried a good sampling of the available market in Bust Expanders over the last five years, and none have done much more than beef up her shoulder muscles.  In my opinion, your program has hit the nail on the head.  Her self-confidence, posture, and of course the increase in observed breast size are all immediate results.  I am really fascinated to know how a person put together such an incredibly powerful tool.  For what it’s worth, thank you.  I am certainly appreciative of what your program is doing for my wife.  Thanks!"

"From 34A to 36B-C ...- my husband and I are grateful."
A study participant from Salt Lake City, Utah, wrote, "I began noticing a difference very soon after I started the program (within weeks) and now the difference is clearly seen (from 34A to 36B-C).  My husband as well as I myself are grateful to you."

Bust Measurement Went to 38.5 Inches
A study participant from Raleigh, South Carolina, wrote, "... my bust measurement went to 38˝.  Needless to say I was pleased with the results.  Before writing this letter, I remeasured my bust to see if I had lost any that I gained from your program and I was so pleased to see the tape measure reach to 38 ˝ again."

4-Inch Bust Increase, 3-Inch Waist Decrease, 12 Pounds Lost
Natural Breast Enlargement study participant from Syracuse, New York, wrote:  "At first I was very doubtful of the possibilities.  I have tried a lot of different exercise equipment and protein to increase my bustline.  But nothing worked for me ... Even losing the few extra pounds was hard, so I figured on giving the program a try.  And after 5 weeks I stopped doubting.  I saw good results -- and better -- then great results.  All I can say is I am definitely pleased with the results.  I love the new me.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone who wants to be the best they can be.  Thank you for such a great product and what the program has done for me."

Deflated Breasts Gain 3 Inches and Become Firm Again!
study participant from Regina, Saskatchewan, wrote, "I am a mother of two children.  After I breastfed them, the firmness of my breasts had disappeared.  I tried a number of other products that promised good results.  After many hours of dedication, I found my efforts were in vain.  I was about to give up when I read your advertisement.  I thought it sounded like something different, so I decided to give it one last try.  I'm very glad I tried your system.  It's effortless and relaxing. 

     "With two children I was always glad to 'get away' and take time to follow your program.  I received immediate results and improvements thereafter.  I was actually quite surprised with the results.  I not only received the firmness I was after, but I was pleased to find an extra bonus, added inches (3" bust increase).  I am very pleased and satisfied with your system.  I'd recommend it above all other products intending the same promised results.  I will continue using it when I feel the need."

(All comments/testimonials featured above are in our files.  However, names have been excluded for the purpose of this website to protect the privacy of the study participants.)

Own This Program

What Are Your Options?

Until now, you and the women around the world who've desired larger breasts have had only 2 choices:

1.  Breast Augmentation Surgery -- an expensive, invasive and sometimes risky procedure with uncertain results; or

2.  Highly promoted natural breast enlargement products and devices -- that run the gamut from massage creams .... drugs ... exercise gadgets ... diets ... and other gimmicks that have not been proven to be effective.

     Or ... you also have the choice of staying just the way you are and NOT having the figure that you desire.  NOW you don't have to settle for any of the above because the Imagery Programming Method is so effective, safe, natural and simple that you can use it easily right in your own home.

Own This Program

Will the Program Work for You?

The Imagery Programming Method is based on an intricate web that explores the mind/body relationship -- and the amazing effect of mentally-directed blood circulation on natural breast enhancement.  This technology has been summarized into a 72-page manual that shows the simple, step-by-step method. 

Natural Breast Enhancement     The effectiveness of the methodology on which this program is based is confirmed by research scientists and medical doctors, and its effectiveness has been reported in over 30 scientific journals.  100% of the women who participated in an independent study achieved measurable increases in breast size.  Furthermore, it is so simple and easy to do that anyone can do it.

     After you've reviewed the easy-to-read manual, there's nothing else to do but listen to the audio recordings while you relax comfortably on an easy chair or bed.  The actual practice takes only a few minutes a day to do.  You can begin practicing the method on the same day you receive the course! 

     And then you'll only be 8 weeks away from fuller, firmer, more beautiful breasts.

Unconditional 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident you'll be thrilled with the results you'll get from practicing the Imagery Programming Method that we offer this risk-free UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your results from using the program ... simply return the program to us within 60 days and we will cheerfully refund your entire purchase price.  

An Affordable Investment in a Sexier Bustline

That's the good news.  Now here comes even better news for you!  A similar imagery program used to be available in California through a doctor's office at a price of $1,500.  Elsewhere, another program based on the same imagery principles sells for $250 ... and yet another one costs $89.95.

     Your investment in the Imagery Programming Method of Breast Enlargement is only $69.97
Click here to go to the order page

You've Got Nothing to Lose -- and Inches to Gain!

If you want to increase your breast size by 2.11 to 3.54 inches in 8 weeks, you need to act NOW. 

     So click here now and get started with the Imagery Programming Method of natural breast enhancement today.

     We vigilantly protect the privacy of our course participants.  We will never sell, share or give the names of our course participants to other companies or business entities. 

Bust Size Went from 33˝ to 36

     One study participant from Mt. Sinai, New York, wrote:  "Before starting the program my bust size was a 33˝.  After the first week I gained a half inch; though I played the recording 15 times.  In my eagerness to achieve fast results each week preceding, the recording was played up to 10 times.  By the fourth week my bust size became a 36".  I can say very honestly I was happy with the program and the results it promised.  I learned to relax and enjoyed the comfort the recording brought."

(All comments/testimonials featured above are in our files.  However, names have been excluded for the purpose of this website to protect the privacy of the study participants.)

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